The Imperial Office of the Emperor

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The Imperial Armed Forces & Services of the MEIDA

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The Sacred Order of the F.M. & F.W. of the MEIDA

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Embassy of the Freemen and Freewomen of the Moor Empires of the Imperial Dominions of Amexem 

Live the Dream

National Alerts:​ 

As tensions rise and racial turmoil builds in America today with the ascendancy of Joe Biden to the U.S. de facto Presidency. The Imperial Command of the Emperor announced on 11/10/2020 that active personnel from the MEIDA IMPERIAL ORDER OF THE SENTINELS will be deployed across the U.S. as a National Defense Force capable of protecting any and all violations and breaches of the MEIDA'S neutrality, sovereignty, and authority within the North American Territory.

All members of the MEIDA are hereby notified that as of 11/10/2020 the new Campaign to Bring the MPOWs home was launched, officially launching this year's POLAR EXPEDITION TOUR 2020-2021. Join the frontline fighters as they unmask ingrained Political, Legislative, Judicial, and Law Enforcement corruption as their agents and operatives seek to undermine the proper administration of justice and law within the framework of a free national government. Join us as we make the results and evidence of our investigations public. See who is on the take, how long they've been Deep State Operatives, and how this affects you. HOWEVER, Don't just stop there--STEPUP AND TAKE ACTION! TURN YOUR PAIN INTO YOUR PASION.

WARNINGS: Connect the DOTS -- See through the White Clouds of Deception

This year as the threat of COVID19 and their diabolical Vaccines loom over humanity we are turning things up a notch. Not only are we addressing the real key issues affecting the so-called "non-compos" (Lunatic/civilly dead) public in this new politically charged arena. Going along with the momentum our fighters generate, our job will be to present to you ("We, the People") the Cold Hard Facts and Evidence of the False and Fraudulent Claims now looming against them. Join us as we lay bare the Truth of so-called public service in the Arena today. We are taking a POLITICALLY DIRECT stance against the issues we set our hearts and minds to and we ask you to join us in this sure-to-be exciting adventure to come.

Setting the Stage has never been any easier. Constitutional Authority--the Authority of the People of the State as written in each State's Constitution dictates and mandates as the Supreme Law of the State, that "All public servants, officers, and employees", as well as their agents and principals MUST take, sign, and file the constitutionally required Oath of office prior to entering on the duties of that office. and this oath MUST be coupled with a valid Public Officer's Bond and recorded with the proper County Recording Officer (i.e. Open Records Officer) for Public Assurance. Thereby validating that claim of authority or official action. However, all excuses aside, ignorance of the law is no excuse, and any operative found to be lacking in any of these above mentioned 2 divisions according to the same stated ConstitutionalnAuthority,  automatically forfeits said office and must be immediately terminated from the employment by the hiring or appointing Department or Agency. This being the LAW and it is our express written desire not to make this campaign a confusing one. This round we plan to let the evidence speak for itself. Take the time to investigate the issues, then check out who is legitimately employed in public service and who is not. Then when the smoke clears--TAKE ACTION! STAND UP and SAY NO GO! Dig into the evidence and DEMAND ACTION. The change will NEVER come unless you make it. DENY WHITE SUPREMACY A FOOTHOLD IN FREE GOVERNMENT!

The BATTLE is REAL and the EVIDENCE is REAL, so,  as we go in, we ask you to connect the DOTS and see how far some of these people will go to maintain the old Slave Master/Slave-Holding Regimes' fraud, genocide, pogroms, bigotry, racism, and even blatant murder. However, NO ONE ESCAPES THE FIRE! As quickly as they field operatives to obstruct the proper administration of Law-- is just as quickly we take it to them for their frauds and corruption. Witness the Saga.  Not only do we go after the Truth with Passionate Vengence--but being sovereign in fact, we intend to punish all trespassers and transgressors in law just the same. Witness the truth about the so-called "license to Practice Law" fraud. Learn the true identity of your so-called trusted "Legal Profession". See for yourself how money is the real issue spurring on the Prison Industrial Complex and a highly sophisticated Octopus of INHUMAN BONDAGE and TRAFFICKING IN SLAVES under the guise and pretenses of offices, official titles, and badges cloaked in the colors of the law. 

JOIN THE INTERNATIONAL COALITION FOR JUSTICE: The Historical Awareness Society Program (HASP) is looking for members, friends, and supporters to form an international coalition of Moorish, Taino, Caribe, and Natural Indigenous Peoples Tribes of the O+ and O- blood types in these Western Hemispheres. HASP, Criminal Justice Advocates, and the Moorish Prisoners of War Society (MPOW) of Freemen and Freewomen of the MEIDA, led by the Imperial Command of the Emperor invite you to join a campaign to fight Political, Legislative, Judicial, and Law Enforcement corruption wherever we may find or confront it!


Calling for a show of numbers! Starting this December 5, 2020, the MEIDA will be calling on our nationals who are now incarcerated on the grounds of fraudulent process and practices of local corrupt cops, and District Attorneys and the Magistrates and Judges who not only rubber-stamp this fraud but also used or uses their Bench and sacred trusted offices to enforce and commercially negotiate fraudulently issued CUSIP Bonds in an elaborate and fanciful slave money laundering scheme of INHUMAN BONDAGE. The Gloves and Masks come off this round. Join us as we take a deep look into the DEEP STATE and their Luciferic Agenda.

We need our nationals who are now confined in County Jails and State Prisons as well as those confined in any form of Detention Centers, their families, friends, and supporters to STAND UP and SPEAK OUT about the impact of Racism, Bigotry, and their obstructionist/disenfranchisement practices and that of Political, Judicial, Legislative and Law Enforcement and the installation of apartheid-like, racist regimes within the framework of free State government, the Prison System and their respective State Department of Corrections (DOC) on you and your family.

With the growing support, we will advance a state-by-state legislative challenge, calling for U.S. Congressional oversight, investigations, and hearings on international Human Rights violations, torture, and murder. As a de jure Sovereign Protecting Power, It is our express duty to prosecute and punish human rights violations, torture and murder, and the local county, state, and even federal conspiracies to cover them up. Therefore, taking our duties to the one Human Family serious; while pushing for concrete oversight and prosecutions of the municipal, county, and state offenders at any and all levels of corruption from the Imperial Command of the Emperor and the International Court of Justice. We plan not only to take action against any and all Alien Enemy Aggressors in the Alien Enemy High Commission of the Emperor, but to ensure and guarantee all MPOW'S international rights, wherever they are located, and however, they are situated within the United States.


The Best Antidote for Ignorance is Knowlegde

Stay up to date on the facts about the COVID19 Pandemic with information and news you CAN USE.

In this crazy and chaotic medical establishment, don't let fraud, bigotry and anyone's racist agenda target you for medical neglect, medical apartheid or any form of denial of proper medical services or treatment. As a member of the MEIDA your Sovereign and Noble standing gives you not only the ability but the Power to properly challenge and control the way you are treated in the public venue if you do have the unfortunate circumstance of dealing with the Public Health System. Having the option to not only investigate, prosecute and punish any form of medical malpractice or otherwise under the Supreme, Imperial and Sovereign Authority of the MEIDA; our Members  also have the option to opt out of any forced vaccination agenda of any world government on Indigenous Nationality and Religious Grounds. For We the People of the MEIDA believe that vaccinations are an ACT OF GENOCIDE [See USC 18, Section 1091] against Sovereigns and Aboriginal Peoples. Wherefore, any and all alleged, implied, or purported institutions, municipalities, counties, boroughs, parishes, states, or federal agencies or states are hereby PUT ON NOTICE, for and on the record that; any and all attempts to require any vaccination or other medical procedure of a colonizing corporate government, nation state or agency by force in respect to Sovereigns and Indigenous Peoples are hereby declared to be acting outside of their lawful scope of office and authority or corporate powers, on their own and private agenda, as an otherwise Alien Enemy Aggressor, operating in breach of the Neutrality of the People and Government of the MEIDA, without the express written consent, authorization or letters of marque and reprisals of the United States Congress to commit acts of hostilities against any parts and parcel of the Freemen and Freewomen of these Moor Empires of the Imperial Dominions of Amexem. Moreover, acting under an undisclosed power or authority which is at war with the American People, as otherwise trespassers in Law and Commerce and therefor subject to the penalties thereof. Learn more abot out Vaccination Exemption Program. Click on the Button link below.

COVID19 Vaccination Exemption


This Year, join us as we TURN things up a notch. Raising the Bar and Setting the Standard for real Remedy and Change, join our members this year as we once again LAUNCH the Historical Awareness Society Program's: PAGES OF HISTORY: INHUMAN BONDAGE; BLACK RAGE AGAINST THE LAW TOUR 2021-2022©. Welcome to Our Family. Partner With Us!


The Battle For America Starts and we are here to follow the Journey and Narratives that Count!

Enter: Donald Trump

The political climate in so-called (de facto, colorable reality) America being likened to a fire keg right now; as Moors we must ask ourselves--where do we STAND in THIS BATTLE for our native soil?

Next up--What Does their Red, Whit and Blue Really mean to YOU?


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When you know the real living history of the Moors, Arawaks(Taino) and Caribe you know our True Story. However, when you encompass the tireless resistance of the Seminole Nation with the plight of the other Indigenous Tribes of the Mainland Northwest Amexem, then you will know the Battle for the West Gate!


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Join the Campaign to Shut Down the New World Order of North American Slave Trade. This year we encourage you to pay attention to and stay tuned to the Historical Awareness Society Program's: INHUMAN BONDAGE: PAGES OF HISTORY--BLACK RAGE AGAINST THE LAW 2020-2021 TOUR

Get Connected to their OFFICIAL Websites from this Portal:


Prison Industrial Complex: Celling up of Black Wombs

Racial Pogroms of Genocide


The threat against our people trying to pursue the basic fundamental tenets of free-living existence is under attack by cabals of cleverly disguised racist regimes masquerading on the highways and by-ways as POLICE (Policy Enforcers), Magistrates, Attorneys/Lawyers, and Judges. Enforcing their fiat arbitrary control over humanity by enforcement of the rule of men over the conscience of Humanity. Well, join us as we destroy all of the vestiges of these regimes LIVE on the FRONTLINES of BATTLEGROUND ZERO.

Watch the latest Video of the Moorish Prisoners of War Campaign and then Join in on the Action!

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Fee Schedule

The following is the Fee Schedule for all fees associated with MEIDA Membership for adults and children 16 years of age and under.

NOTICE: All fees are Non-Refundable. All membership is subject to approval and any and all fraudulent applications submitted for approval may be punishable by Imperial Law.

FAQ: What is MEIDA Membership?

A: MEIDA Membership constitutes personal Sovereignty which hereof is retroactive from birth resolving all license privileges of use (license) torts from then.

Membership Fee (Adults)

Lifetime Membership Enrollment Fee

250.00 USD

Membership Fee

Children 16 yrs. and under

$50.00 USD


Meet the FRONTLINE FIGHTERS of the MEIDA, HASP, PL-09, HRDC and MPOW now taking the fight for political integrity in the framework of free constitutional government to the ENEMY'S Front Gate! Join in the ACTION.

Community Notices

Staying in the "know-how" is only part of the key. Knowing how to improvise and enhance your options on the drop of a dime is also crucial to any response. The Power to Make a Difference lies in Your Options!

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Take Back Control of Your Life.  This introductory class teaches you all the secrets to MEIDA Membership while giving you the BLUEPRINT for SUCCESS!


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Rights are to be protected not prescribed. In this second installment of Power, we will teach you the ropes of taking control from the top.


Knowing Your Rights

As a member of the MEIDA Nobility, knowing your rights and how to protect them are some of the fundamentals that we teach to get you properly started on your Journey.


Enforcement Procedures 101

After all is done there comes a time for not only picking up the pieces, but to also set a New Agenda for future progress. Through this Final Lesson, learn how to bring it all together to solve your problems. Take Charge!


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